Biodegradable polymer Made from renewable and waste
materials from industries


The use of renewable materials can be regarded as a circular strategy because biological nutrients, or materials, can be cycled through continuous loops in the biosphere.

Renewables are materials used in packaging sourced from renewable sources, as opposed to materials sourced from fossil origins.

Plastics made from renewable materials, such as starch, exist too and these have been getting a lot more attention lately.

Circularity needs to be implemented…


  • Many times it is impossible to retrieve waste packaging for recycling or reuse. It is therefore better to use a biodegradable package.
  • Biodegradable packages must be redesigned:
    • Ensure product functional life
    • Ensure product protection and safety
  • Some materials may biodegrade in all types of environments, while others require very specific industrial (composting) processes.
    • Currently, research is focused on making cost effective biodegradable materials.


We started researching 5 years ago and reached a stable biopolymer prototype with additional properties


  • New biodegradable polymer:
    • Made from renewable and waste materials from industries
  • Innovative packaging properties:
    • Additional resistance, transparency, biodegradability.
  • Viable circular economy strategy for packaging:
    • Nontoxic waste from Industries;
    • Efficiency in the process in Food Industry, Textile, Agriculture and Others Industries.

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